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Terry Jessup grew up on a tobacco farm near Pilot Mountain, N.C. He was educated at Appalachian State University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. Retired from Lorillard Tobacco Company in 2004, Terry enjoys church, reading, golf, and spending time with family and friends.

Books By Terry Jessup

Home of the Brave By: Terry Jessup

Home of the Brave

By: Terry Jessup

The Party was the corrupt remains of a government that grew too big, collapsing under its own weight and taking its people down with it. After several centuries of unlimited power, the Party is starting to crumble.

Mark, who was formerly known only by a number, escaped the Party and found a new family and a new love in the frontier beyond the corrupt government’s reach. After going back to rescue his sister from the government, he must return to his adopted village while trying to avoid capture by the evil Felix, the army official who is set on revenge.

If If he can somehow elude Felix and his band of soldiers, does he dare take on the immoral government in order to save its citizens from slavery or worse?

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Land Of The Free By: Terry Jessup

Land Of The Free

By: Terry Jessup

Welcome to the future. Imagine a society in which government is run by a tyrannical regime that controls all social and economic activity. There are two classes of people: the haves (Party Members) and the have-nots (non-Party Members).

   This is the world into which 4716262 is born. When the Party separates the ten year old from his twin sister, he promises to rescue her one day. Seven years later, he becomes privy to a long lost journal that describes how a burgeoning government usurped basic rights, such as freedom and privacy, from its citizens. With the assistance of a high-ranking Party Member, he escapes to a far western land that is not controlled by the Party.

    Somehow, he survives a bitter winter before he is seriously wounded by a band of marauders and nursed back to health by village people that live a life of simplicity. He is adopted by the small community and falls in love with the headstrong daughter of the village chief. He is happier than he has ever been in his life, but he cannot forget his promise. Will his crusade to liberate his sister lead to the demise of an evil regime and a second chance for mankind, or is the human race doomed forever?

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9912660-5-0

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