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    Author: Kathleen Coe

Cumulae  Collected Poems By: Kathleen Coe

Cumulae Collected Poems

By: Kathleen Coe

There’s something about the eighth decade that prompts a person to reach into her mental back pocket and pull out lessons and observations that had built up over the years and try to give them some shape, some voice. This book is a collection of just such heaped-up musings, much as the billowy cumulus clouds are a gathering of the shifting vapors in the air around us. It is partly with this in mind that I have fashioned the title Cumulae for this collection.
Each day cloud shapes give beauty to our lives. Though they may float above unnoticed, they often set the tone for our passing hours. As sources of rain, they nourish us, even as they may hover ominously over us. Frequently, though, they serve as sources of hope and joy and, indeed, coax the mind to a higher plane.
While these verses are eclectic in style and general in topic, a great portion of the inspiration springs from days spent at our family’s mountaintop retreat, “Laurel House,” which most assuredly lies at such a higher plane.

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    Author: Ray Bergeron

A Simple Stone By: Ray Bergeron

A Simple Stone

By: Ray Bergeron

This book represents a man and his poetry. An astounding collection of eloquently written poems written spanning a lifetime of thoughtful dedication to the things in life that make our existence the wonderous and exciting experience it is. In this collection Mr. Bergeron expresses his thoughts on Family I do. Simple words spoken from the heart Let no one part'.. Passion's promises encircled by gold May your love forever unfold. Friends The final embrace From lovers face. My fears to quell And heaven tell. Death farewell We part. Christ In the beginning In the time before time. God and the light are one. And the darkness could not put it out. The dawn of man Rises in the Creator's hand. Faith With God to commune A Holy quest of mortal flesh. A silent thought. A whispered breath. A shout of anger and despair. He answers all These earthly calls Humanity I have journed the path of no return. And bravely marched into oblivion. The grim reaper has won his ultimate prize As the last warrior dies.

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