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    Author: James Hart Isley

The Bear Hunter By: James Hart Isley

The Bear Hunter

By: James Hart Isley

Not since 'Jaws' Peter Benchley's blockbuster hit of 1974 has there been an adventure like 'The Bear Hunter.' Set in the Alaska wilderness during the spring bear season the story unfolds with one of the great Alaska brown bears emerging from its winter hibernation. In the powerful tradition of Jack London this tale of struggle and tragedy centers around two hunting parties who venture to the cold north in pursuit of the elusive carnivore. With insight and deep emotion the story is as much about the strong bond between father and son as it is about the taking of game.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 0-9725031-6-1

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    Author: Joanne Clarey

Hummingbird Falls By: Joanne Clarey

Hummingbird Falls

By: Joanne Clarey
Hummingbird Falls is a peaceful mountain village filled with tourists wildlife and beautiful vistas. Then a body is discovered at the bottom of the falls and ugly suspicions run rampant. When Ellie Hastings finds a second body the towns serenity is completely destroyed. Ellie works with Dave Shaffer chief of police to unravel the mysteries past and present which haunt the little town. She uncovers secrets that have been hidden for thirteen years. Then she disappears casting suspicion on the two man police force itself. If that is not enough even nature preys on the village as devastating rains cause the mountain rivers to flood. Hummingbird Falls seems doomed the tourist business shutting down residents evacuating their homes and an unknown killer stalking victims. Will the little village survive these vicious attacks? Will Ellie be found in time? These questions hang over Hummingbird Falls like the storm clouds threatening and dark.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 0-9768108-1-6

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Riddled To Death By: Joanne Clarey

Riddled To Death

By: Joanne Clarey
In RIDDLED TO DEATH Ellie Hastings receives a series of threatening notes presented as riddles. She must solve the riddles by the deadline or something unknown and terrible will happen. An unidentified woman is murdered a child is missing a strange family suddenly moves into the village and gunshots threaten the residents. Ellie joins with Chief Dave Shaffer to investigate the most puzzling mysteries she has faced. Who is the riddler and why has he targeted Ellie? Accompanied by her beloved mutt Buddy Ellie attempts to follow the clues solve the riddles and protect her little mountain village from the unknown.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 09768108-7-5

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Skinned By: Joanne Clarey


By: Joanne Clarey

When forensic psychologist Christie McMorrow and detective Bill Drummond investigate the grisly murders of 3 young girls they discover human traffickers operating a child prostitution ring. Suspecting collusion between the traffickers FBI state and local authorities Christie and Bill search for evidence to indict the conspirators. Stephen Scott a psychopathic killer who has returned to Maine to finish his mission to kill Cristie brings their search to a horrifying end. Bill fights for his sanity. Christie fights for her soul as she struggles to recover from the tortuous post-traumatic consequences of Scott's previous assault.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9790949-0-3

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The Fall Hunt By: Joanne Clarey

The Fall Hunt

By: Joanne Clarey

Autumn brings beauty fun and excitement to the tiny mountain village of Hummingbird Falls as residents play and the fall hunting season begins. But fall brings trouble too. Bank robbers take Ellie Hastings hostage. Suffering post-traumatic reactions she struggles to remember a crucial clue. Police Chief Dave Shaffer searches for his officers as first Colby Conners and then Rosie O'Rourke disappear. An unexpected fall blizzard threatens three lost hunters and an old black bear named Scar Face. The Fall Hunt is on Ellie hunts for her memory Dave hunts for his officers three lost men hunt for help the robbers hunt for their money and Scar Face hunts for survival. 'Spin-tingling and fast paced THE FALL HUNT is also sweet. I'm enthralled by Hummingbird Falls and its folks.' The Book Reporter. 5 stars. 'A perfect combination for a mystery novel'smooth writing style and Clarey's characters' so interesting and her narrator so likeable we want more.' Writers Digest.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 978-09796866-6-5

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Twisted Truth By: Joanne Clarey

Twisted Truth

By: Joanne Clarey

Christie knew she would have to fight him with what she did best. Her only defense against the madman was her psychological training and skill her knowledge of the motivations and behaviors of the criminally insane. Tied and wounded hidden where no one would think to look for her outwitting her tormentor was her only hope for survival. Dr. Christine McMorrow dedicates her life to helping victims of trauma in private practice and as a consultant to the Maine State Task Force on Violence. She believes that truth will prevail bringing healing and justice. Stephen Scott dedicates his life to bringing his perverted truth to the world. Tortured and programmed as a child to believe that the ritualistic murder of women will expose them as innately evil his mission is to encourage others to follow his path. When Christie disappears her colleague Detective Bill Drummond and housemate Alex Harris do all they can to find the woman they both love.Can Christie save herself? Will Bill or Alex find her in time? Or will Stephen's twisted truth triumph over an innocent woman once again?

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 0-9725031-8-8

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    Author: Jon Blackwood

A Ghost of Justice By: Jon Blackwood

A Ghost of Justice

By: Jon Blackwood

It is a cold early spring in 2036 and a young archeologist goes along when her father must hunt down the murderer of her brother. This is not because the authorities dont care or wont do anything. They have the vagrant was captured tried and convicted…and sentenced to Vigilante Fugitive. With that the obligation of execution falls to the victims relatives and the man is released as soon as prison over-crowding requires it. Emily Sheafer and her father Eric face overwhelming odds carrying out the act demanded by laws much removed from the plight of ordinary people. The nation reels under harsh conditions brought on by huge economic problems and mostly incompetent leadership. Infrastructure barely exists the communications industry being the least affected. Crime and rioting are common. Daily life is full of difficulties ranging from the merely annoying to overwhelming. In this world father and daughter set out to try to fulfill the legal obligation armed with a couple of pistols some high technology and sheer determination. Searching for a man on the run sends them on a journey that will lead them to discoveries about themselves and one another. It is a journey of unexpected turns and great danger but one they are compelled to do.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: N/A

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    Author: Karen Fritz

Blind Vision By: Karen Fritz

Blind Vision

By: Karen Fritz

The Serial Killer Sitting on the edge of a filthy mattress in a dilapidated house the killer holds a jar filled with milky liquid, dark orbs bob inside it. The room is silent with the exception of his sing-song voice 'Peek-a-boo I see you.' He bursts into a crazed cackle of laughter then stops. His whisper is barely audible 'But you can't see me.' The Blind Psychic Peter Cole moves into a boarding house on the wrong side of town. That's when visions of women being mutilated and murdered start haunting his dreams. The Cop Joe Carson left the FBI for a life as a small town homicide detective. When a serial killer moves into this quiet southern town Carson is forced to make an unlikely alliance with Peter Cole. Together they must save the killer's next victim before it's too late.

Price: $17.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9846137-6-2

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